Chile Trip Log

Day 1 - 31 Oct 2004 - Sunday
Meet Team at Santiago Airport. Fly to Calama (7100 ft). Drive to San Pedro (7980 ft). S 21 deg 54.9, W 68 deg 11.5. Meet guide Sergio Caniullan. Visit valley of the moon. Dinner at the Adobe. Hotel in San Pedro. Day 2 - 1 November 2004 - Monday
Meet guide Jorge Diaz (chino). Drive to Machuca (13,169 ft). Vacuna, Llamas. Hike approx 8 miles down to Rio Grande (10,380 ft). Dinner at the Adobe.

Day 3 - 2 Nov 2004 - Tuesday
Drive to Toconao (8090 ft) and shop. Drive to Talabre (10,658 ft). The active volcano Lascar looms above this town. Stay in Talabre town hall. Ever plays soccer with town kids. The town cooks us rabbit for dinner. Bush wins election. Visit Petroglyphs.

Day 4 - 3 Nov 2004 - Wednesday
Drive to Puritama hot springs(14,026 ft). Get burned. Drive to El Tatio guyser basin and camp.

Day 5 - 4 Nov 2004 - Thurssday
Travel to Colorado trailhead. Climb Colorado (18,858 ft). Start up at 1100 AM. A rocky but good climb. Good work out. Camp at the sulfur mine to gain another night at altitude.

Day 6 - 5 Nov 04 - Friday
Return to San Pedro. Relax. Dinner at the Adobe.

Day 7 - 6 Nov 04 - Saturday
Travel to Bolivia to climb Licancabur (19,455 ft). Bolivian customs was a trip. Chiliam guide Rodrigo Jiminez. Bolivian guide - Leo. Stayed at Bolivian shelter on White Lagoon (14,300 ft). Gormet lunch prepared by the ladies who run the refuge. Mini hot dogs and mashed spuds. Larry is poised to attack the NASA team for some of their chicken and salad. Flamingos parade in the lagoon. James and Andean Flamingos. Good pasta dinner. In the rack early.

Day 8 - 7 Nov 04- Sunday
Early get up. Leave at 4:00 AM. Start up at trailhead (15,173 ft). Climb Licancabur (19,455 ft.) S22 deg 49.99 min / W67 deg 52.96 min. 12 hour round trip from base due to injured guide and slow descent. Return to San Pedro. Dinner at Adobe.

Day 9 - 8 Nov 04 - Monday
Sleep in. Leave for Llullaillaco with guides Jorge Diaz and Sergio Caniullan. Six hour drive. Stop at Montaraqui the abandoned rail road station. Pink Floyd graffiti on walls. Stopped by national police for inspection just past first mine field. Stay at Zorritas shelter.

Day 10 - 9 Nov 04 - Tuesday
Gear haul to high camp (17,519 ft) Start at trailhead (15,100 ft). Return to Zorritas. Good night's sleep.

Day 11 - 10 Nov 04 - Wednesday - Wed
Hike to base camp (17,519 ft). Lose one North Face tent to mountain. Relax.

Day 12 - 11 Nov 04 - Thursday
Early get up - 1:00 AM. Start out at 3:00 AM. Climb Llulliallaco. Frazier turns abound at about 19,000 ft. Kevin high point = 20,400 ft. Larry and John high point = 21,400 ft. Sergio sees tent from 19,000 ft. Recovers tent on descent. Break base camp and head to Zorritas for a good night's sleep.

Day 13 - 12 Nov 04 - Friday
Drive back to an Pedro. Shop and relax. Final night. Dinner at the Adobe with our guides Jorge and Sergio.

Day 14 - 13 Feb 2003 - Saturday
Fly to Santiago. Fly to USA on evening flights.

Day 14 - 14 Feb 2003 - Sunday
Arrive home at 1205 PM.