Peru Cordillera Blanca Trek Log

We had a great time treking and laughing with all of you. It all went by so quickly. What a unique group of people with many unusual travel and adventure tales. I have a new appreciation for tea time. I filled a notebook. We want to thank Ian, Wilmer, Mountain Travel Sobek and all of the trek staff for all their hard work, superb organization and leadership. They all made this complex trip look so easy. A special thanks to Janey and the Andino Hotel in Huaraz. A beautiful oasis. Dave and I hope you enjoy this picture collection. The master image files are on the disk for your printing pleasure. You will find some unusual pictures on this disk like "Tamara, Tamara talking to the giant donkey", the "The Last Cuy Supper", the famous Cuzco painting "Saturday night Pisco Sour overdose", and even some home improvement ideas. We have also included maps and many panoramas of the amazing sights of Peru. This disk includes a quicktime version of the new film
Peru 2005: The Donkey Diaries. You will need Quicktime Player for PC. I included the PC Quicktime install program on this disk. The other disk contains a full screen DVD version of the movie. We hope you enjoy the adventure. Trek safe and remember you can never have too many doctors on an expedition.
Kevin and David Kelly
"Viva La Vida"

Day 1 (7/16/05)
Long flight south for most people.

Day 2 (7/17/05)
Meet team members at airport. Meet our guide Ian Lewis. Drive north to Andino Hotel in Huaraz. Dinner at hotel

Day 3 (7/18/05)
Conditioning hike to the Huari ruins of Willkawain (800-1100 AD). Meet Wilmer (guide) as well as Oscar and Jose. Dinner in town. Andino Hotel.

cbpan2.jpg - Willkawain - Huari Ruin (800-1100 AD)
Day 4 (7/19/05)
Drive to camp one via the Town of Yungay. Drive over 15,580 ft pass enroute to camp one . Camp on NW side of Huascaran (6768m/22,205 ft).Views of Huandoy (21,204 ft) and Pisco (17,900 ft). Camp in valley below Chopicalqui (6354m/20,100 ft). Camp at Vaqueria (12,136 ft). Camp one cords S 09 deg 01.0 min, W 77 deg 32.2 min, Elevation 12,202 ft.

img_0430.jpg - Nev Huascaran
Day 5 (7/20/05)
7+ hours of trekking. Several villages in the Waripampa valley. Good view of Chakaraju (6004m). Camped below Pukaraju (5090m)at Tuctu Pampa (13,500 ft). Views of Taulliraju (5839m/19,128 ft) and Rinrijirca (19,057 ft). Camp 2 cords S 08 deg 55.4 min, W 77 deg 33.5 min, Elevation 13,688 ft. 3000 ft of Alt gain today (3000 ft total for trip).

CBpan5 - Nev Piramide, Nev Paron, Nev Pukajirka
CBpan6 - Nev Piramide, Nev Paron, Nev Pukajirka

Day 6(7/21/05)
7+ hours of trekking today. Pass number 1 completed Alto Pukaraju (Red Ice - 15,252 ft).Sighted first and only Andean Condor. Same wingspan as the California Condor (10 Ft). Top speed 55 MPH. Good airshow. View of baby condor. Views of peak Taulliraju (5830m/19,128 ft). Camp 3 cords S 08 deg 55.2 min, W 77 deg 30.5 min, Elevation 12,562 ft. 1500 ft altitude gain today (4500 ft total)

Day 7 (7/22/05)
Most beautiful day yet. Great hike up to pass number 2 Tupatupa (4300m/14,380 ft). Hiked down into valley right below Pukajirka Massif (6046m North) on the Jankapampa river. Viewed many Huari (600-1100 AD) and pre Huari ruins on this route. Another good lunch location.Camp at Jancapampa (11,600 ft) right below Pucajirca. Camp 4 cords S 08 deg 51.1 min, W 77 deg 32.9 min, Elevation 11,629 ft.1880 ft gain today (6380 ft total)

pan3236_3238p.jpg - Pukajirka Oeste, Central, Norte
img_3320.jpg - Pukajirka Massif under a full moon
Day 8 (7/23/05
Long but beautiful hike to pass number 3 Yanajanca (15,088 ft).Views of Pucajirca (19,844 ft). Good camp in valley Camp 5 cords S 08 deg 48.3 min, W 77 deg 36.4 min, Elevation 13,156 ft. 4000 ft gain today (10,380 total)

Day 9 (7/24/05)
Good day on the trail over pass number 4 (14,630 ft). Easy day . Great sights of the northeast face of Alpamayo (19,455 ft) and the three peaks of Pucajirca. Camp at Moyobamba (14,700 ft) Cold night. Camp 6 cords S 08 deg 49.2 min, W 77 deg 39.8 min, Elevation 14,850 ft. 2070 ft gain today (12,450 ft total)

img_0268.jpg - three peaks of Pucajirca and NE face of Alpamayo
Day 10 (7/25/05)
Good early morning climb from 14,800 camp to Pass number 5 (15,850 ft) Caracara pass. First view of Alpamayo (19,455 ft) and the santa Cruz Mountains. Camped in Alpamayo valley with great views. Camp 7 cords S 08 deg 50.2 min, W 77 deg 42 min, Elevation 13,591 ft. 1920 ft gain today (14,370 ft total gain)

cbpan18.jpg - Nev Alpamayo, Nev Quitaraju, Nev Abasraju
Day 11 (7/26/05)
Good trek to pass number 6 Jatun Viento (15,652 ft). This was a 50 switchback day. The views make it all worth it. Camp 8 cords S 08 deg 50.7 min, W 77 deg 45.1 min, Elevation 14,943 ft. 2640 ft gain today (17,010 ft total gain)

cbpan20.jpg - Nev Alpamayo, Nev Quitaraju
Day 12 (7/27/05)
Good final hard trek day. Viewed Santa Cruz and lake after Pass number 7 Toro Pishtanan (15,908 ft). We actually reach 16,000 ft with a little extra effort. Great last night in camp and Peruvian BBQ Pachamanca and this link. Great show as well as great food. Camp 9 cords S 08 deg 52.5 min, W 77 deg 47.1 min, Elevation 13,052 ft. 1510 ft gain today (18,520 ft total gain)

pan3605_3607p.jpg - Nev Santa Cruz
Day 13 (7/28/05)
Hike out to town to meet return bus. Drive back to Huaraz. Good stop for lunch and first beer. Andino Hotel and more cold beer. Great final dinner in town with the group . Alpaca steaks for all. Celebrate Peru's independence day. A great group of people on this trip. Ian Lewis and Wilmer were excellent guides, teachers and friends. The staff support was exceptional.

Day 14 (7/29/05)
Drive to Lima/ Long day on the bus. Good dinner on the seashore at The Seagull. Airport drop off . Everyone flys home except Alan who decides to move to Lima to be closer to the election process. Viva Alan. Viva Peru.