Kimbell Art Museum Exhibition
June 5 - August 8, 1982

We are grateful to many individuals for their help in the preparation of this exhibition. We give special thanks to our colleagues - Ay-Whang Hsia, Eliot Rowlands, and Nathalie Brunel in New York; Mauricette Fallek in Paris; and Foster Clayton, Craig Felton, Perry Huston, William Jordan, and Edmund Pillsbury in Fort Worth. Those who have generously contributed help in different ways are Phillip Berk, Harry Brooks, Franq ois Daulte, Ellen W. Lee, Hugh Macdonald, Clyde Newhouse, Jean Turner, and Daniel Wildenstein. For the production of this catalogue, we are grateful to Karen King for her unfailing cheerfulness and accuracy in the preparation of the extensive typescript, to Betsy Colquitt for her intelligent and efficient copyediting, and to James A. Ledbetter for his careful supervision of the design and printing.

David M. Robb, Jr.
Chief Curator

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Reproduced with the permission of the
Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth, Texas.

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