David Bates (American, 1952 -)

Feeding the Dogs - 1986
oil on canvas, 220 x 170 cm
Phoenix Art Museum
Phoenix, Arizona

The Artist:
David Bates was born in Dallas, Texas, in 1952. He graduated from Southern Methodist University in 1975. While teaching part-time at Eastfield College, he began work on his Master of Fine Arts degree in 1976 at SMU. That same year, he had his first one-man gallery exhibition, and in the fall, he was chosen to participate in an independent study program at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York.

During his time in New York, he was exposed to many personalities, influences, and works of art. At that time, his unique style of figure painting and sculpture was not appreciated by the New York art world, so he experimented with a variety of styles and media. He returned to Dallas in 1977 and completed his graduate degree at SMU. He studied several periods of art history as a part of his program and renewed a lifelong interest in folk art. He admired the folk artists subject matter drawn from everyday life and surroundings.,p> Bates first visited Grassy Lake in southwestern Arkansas in 1982. This place immediately began to influence his art.

Bio text from the North Texas Institute for Educators.

Other Work By the Artist:
Grassy lake
Oil on canvas
90 x 72 in.
New Orleans Museum of Art
Milk Bone
Oil on canvas
60 x 48 in.
Night Heron
oil on canvas
Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

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