Philippe Halsman (American, 1906-1979)

Marilyn Monroe - 1952

This picture was take just before Marilyn became very famous. To get this expression of complete self confidence Philippe had four of his assistants corner Marilyn in the studio and talk with her. They flirted with her and complimented her for over an hour and then stepped back for the photo.

The Artist:
Within 10 years of his arrival on American soil in 1940, Philippe Halsman became one of the most celebrated portrait photographers in the country. His work appeared frequently on the cover of Life as well as in the famous picture magazines of the day: Look, Holiday and the Saturday Evening Post.

He photographed the likes of Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein, John F. Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn when they held the limelight.

He is also known for his "jump pictures" of the 1950s, when he asked subjects such as Richard Nixon and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor to jump for the camera.

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LIFE 1951
LIFE 1952

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