John William Oberdorf

Canyon of Time - 1998
Oil and Acrylic
58 x 74 inches
"The past has a very strong influence on the direction of our lives both individually and collectively. I produce visions that appear to be windows on another reality. There are many things identified and unidentified that cause us to look at the earth and ourselves in a different way. Ultimately a question arises regarding our own nature, our past and origins that are revealed in symbols. These symbols, images and landforms I produce instinctively and by compulsion. My paintings have really become another approach to Surrealism. Surrealism may be described as a visual portrayal of the psyche, the depiction of dreams of the exposed mind of the artist. Because of this most of the images I produce, while being essentially surreal in nature, might possibly exist in our physical reality. They are just this side of the dream."

John William Oberdorf

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