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Our Team

Kevin J. Kelly - Tucson, Arizona. Web site originator and project team leader, Engineer, Fighter Pilot. His website presents additional Art, Science, Travel and mountaineering resources.

Charles Stein - New York, New York. Electrical Engineer, Patent Attorney. Charles Stein's website is linked at this site.

Francis and Martha Kelly - London, England. Francis-American artist. Martha-Teacher. Visit Francis Kelly's Art is owned by collectors world wide.
Francis Kelly passed away in London in October 2012. Press 1 and Press 2. Francis and Martha Kelly were part of the original builders of the Vigee Le Brun Website along with Charles Stein and I.

Lucia Cardellini, Phd. - Padova, Italy. Visit Lucia's Art website.

Olivier Blanc - Paris, France.

Angela Demutskiy - Ontario, California

Jana Talkenberg - Husum, Germany

Julia Slupska - Poland

Tamás Strakovits - Hungary

Elena Sharnova - Moscow, Russia. Author. Associate Professor at the University of Human Sciences, Moscow and the former curator of French Paintings in the Pushkin museum of Fine Arts

Mercè and Jordi Alabern - Barcelona, Spain. Mercè is a restorer of classic art (oil paintings, Frescos and furniture)

Claudia Solacini - Padova, Italy. Claudia runs a site dedicated to Marie Antoinette and one dedicated to the French painter Adelaide Labille-Guiard (1749-1803).

Special thanks to Edmund Pillsbury, Phd. - Fort Worth, Texas. As Director of the Kimbell Art Museum, Dr Pillsbury granted permission to reproduce the 1982 Vigée Le Brun Exhibition Catalog in return for my work on the "2nd generation" Kimbell Art Museum Website (1997), the Kimbell's 1997 Monet Exhibition sub-Website, and my efforts to convince Dr Pillsbury to host images of the complete Kimbell collection on the museum's web site. I approached Dr. Pillsbury and Marketting Manager, Mark Caywood with this concept in late 1996. Art Museum's at the time were leery of the concept of wide spread display of their art images on the web. Many people may not know that Dr. Pillsbury was the first Director of a major art museum in the USA to present a complete set of images of a museum's collection on the Web. The MET, then other major museums quickly followed. The Kimbell's 1782 self portrait of Vigée Le Brun was the catalist for the start of The Art of Vigée Le Brun website in October 1996 - Kevin J. Kelly

Special thanks to the late Rich Elliot, an authority on Queen Louise of Prussia, for submitting a beautiful biography of the Queen by Constance Wright "Beautiful Enemy". This is how Napoleon referred to his principal antagonist in Prussia, Queen Louise, before he defeated the Prussian army in 1807.

Special thanks to Kathleen Russo,Phd. - Florida. Chair of the Art Department of Florida Atlantic University for permission to reprint her paper:Serial Self-Portraits in the Work of Elisabeth Vigee Le Brun . Kathleen presented the paper in 1996, in Amsterdam

Special thanks to Catherine Decker, Phd.- Riverside, California.

Special thanks to Rich Carlson of Austin, Texas for permission to use parts of his Short Biography of Vigee Le Brun

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