Art Contributors

Suzanne Brown Gallery
Scottsdale, Arizona

Grand Canyon Association
Grand Canyon , Arizona

Harwood Museum
Taos, New Mexico

Mr. and Mrs. A.P.Hays
Arizona West Galleries
Scottsdale, Arizona

Mr. and Mrs. K.J.Kelly
Tucson, Arizona

The Legacy Gallery
Scottsdale, Arizona

Mr. and Mrs. E. Kirk McKinney
Indianapolis, Indiana

Mesa Southwest Museum
Mesa, Arizona

Montgolery Gallery
San Francisco, California

Museum of Northern Arizona
Flagstaff, Arizona

National Park Service
Grand Canyon, Arizona

Springville Museum of Art
Springerville, Utah

Dave Wegner
Durango, Colorado

Other Contributors
James E. Babbitt

Deb Hill

Arnold Skolnick

Dr. Joni Kinsey

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Presented by the
Grand Canyon Association
28 June to 15 October 2000
Kolb Studio
Grand Canyon, Arizona

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