Peter A. Nisbet (b. 1948)

Morning, Moran Point, 1999
Oil, 16 in x 25 in
"I believe it is the artist's work to unveil again and again, the awesome and resplendent world in which we live."

Peter Nisbet has painted Grand Canyon for the past twenty years, exploring much of the canyon by mule, raft, and on foot. For Nisbet, painting "takes on the aspect of questing, always a searching for something different." Among the tools he uses are "the invocation of the sublime, the manipulation of light," and the "emphasis on archetypal form." Nisbet began painting as a child, in his native North Carolina. After attending the University of North Carolina, he served in the U.S. Navy. He first saw the Southwest while crossing the country to catch a ship, en route to a tour of duty in Vietnam, and determined then that he would return there to live, He was awarded a National Science Foundation Artists and Writers Program Grant for travel to Antarctica in 1995 and served on the foundations Artist Advisory Panel for the next two years. He received the Southwest Region Award from the annual Arts for the Parks competition in 1988. Nisbet's paintings appear in several NASA publications, including "The Hubble Space Telescope: An Artist's View." He lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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