Curt Walters (b. 1951)

National Treasure, 1994
Oil, 30 in x 60 in
Born and raised in New Mexico, as a child Curt Walters traveled with his family throughout the Southwest. He began painting during his childhood and later studied art at New Mexico State University. He first saw Grand Canyon at age nineteen and has spent thirty years painting and studying the canyon, visiting it frequently from his home in Sedona, Arizona. Walters has become increasingly concerned for the future of Grand Canyon. "Preserving the Grand Canyon environment is essential if future generations are to enjoy it as I have." Because of his concerns about environmental quality at Grand Canyon, he has become a strong supporter of the Grand Canyon Trust and donates a portion of the proceeds from the sale of his paintings to the trust. Walters donated his painting "National Treasure" to Grand Canyon National Park in celebration of the parks seventy-fifth anniversary.

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